Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Screws fall out all the time...The world is an imperfect place

OMG! I'm like totally bored! LOL

Do you know where my title came from? If you can tell me I may just owe you a kiss.. :)

Ok enough of that... I should probably be studying, doing homework, reading, anything but this... This is just wasting my time.. hehe So Yea lost my camera Thursday, was completely depressed about that cause I didn't realize it till Friday.. But it's all good cause mom bought me a new one Saturday! haha... She's too easy to convince, but I love her for it. And hey I got a really awesome deal on a nice camera left over from an after Thanksgiving sale.. haha.. yea it was a random find by the lady in the photo area at Wal-mart. I'm enjoying it and the pics I've taken so far.

So anyways... Not much else to say I guess.. Should get back to doing something constructive... BAH

Oh and realized through the wonderfulness which is Firefox that I have been spelling castastrophy (actually spelled castastrophe) wrong this whole time when I created my yahoo account, and I swear I used dictionary.com or something to make sure it was spelled right... lol That's ok kinda like my way more, looks better to me for the purpose it had... I think maybe I just like the letter "Y" ... hahaaa

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