Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Screws fall out all the time...The world is an imperfect place

OMG! I'm like totally bored! LOL

Do you know where my title came from? If you can tell me I may just owe you a kiss.. :)

Ok enough of that... I should probably be studying, doing homework, reading, anything but this... This is just wasting my time.. hehe So Yea lost my camera Thursday, was completely depressed about that cause I didn't realize it till Friday.. But it's all good cause mom bought me a new one Saturday! haha... She's too easy to convince, but I love her for it. And hey I got a really awesome deal on a nice camera left over from an after Thanksgiving sale.. haha.. yea it was a random find by the lady in the photo area at Wal-mart. I'm enjoying it and the pics I've taken so far.

So anyways... Not much else to say I guess.. Should get back to doing something constructive... BAH

Oh and realized through the wonderfulness which is Firefox that I have been spelling castastrophy (actually spelled castastrophe) wrong this whole time when I created my yahoo account, and I swear I used dictionary.com or something to make sure it was spelled right... lol That's ok kinda like my way more, looks better to me for the purpose it had... I think maybe I just like the letter "Y" ... hahaaa

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mother Nature will you turn up the heater?...Please?!..

I am very very ready for summer! Or spring at the least... I want the snow gone and the ability to put my coat away... I don't want to have to wipe my car off before driving it, and I'm tired of it looking as if I had just took it mudding. I haven't even washed my car because there is no point. Oh and I want to be able to clean it out completely but as it's too cold I don't even bother taking stuff out of the trunk... At least the sun as been out quite a lot lately, that could be a good sign. A cold, sunny day, with snow on the ground is better than a freezing, dark day with a blizzard blowing...I like snow, it's pretty, its neat, but I can't stand the cold...So bring on temps above 45!!! PLEASE!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In the words of my Great Great Grandma....
"My aasssss hurts!"

Hehe Ok so maybe it's not that bad... But it definitely doesn't feel good. I feel as if I have bruised my tail bone. It hurts to sit it hurts to stand up from a sitting position, it hurts to bend over when I'm sitting. putting pressure on a certian side by crossing my legs or just leaning one way or another while sitting hurts... I didn't do anything to myself. No falling down, no extreme lifting... And this has been going on for a month if not more... I just don't get it... All I know it that it hurts, it sucks, and I want it to stop... Expecially since I'm not always sitting in a soft seat during classes... bah!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My lids grow heavy....

I love going to the library...I study a little, mess around on the computers a little... Nap some... lol for some reason I just love to nap in the IUSB Library. I know it sounds weird. Napping at school? Trust me there are couches and chairs everywhere on campus and yea some use them as a nice comfortable place to study, read, whatever, but then there are those of us who just can't seem to make it through the day and we are the ones who pop a squat and just sleep lol. And then when its warm you find people on the lawn... There used to be a "Nap Club" where they had a room, and blow up mattresses and someone who would wake you up if you asked them to at a certian time... Don't know what happened to that, but I do know it doesn't bother me to just sleep where ever I can find a spot on campus hehe.

Though Tuesdays and Thrusdays are my hardest times because I have 3 classes back to back so by the time I get to my third class I'm dead tired and add to the fact that my professor is monotone and repetitive in his lectures and well sometimes (ok often) I end up asleep in his class... Yet because its mainly the slide info you want and because he just drones on and changes slides every few min I'm still able to catch all the slides and info I need so I'm still doing really well in that class...hahaaa. I'm strage like that, I can sleep through a class yet know what the prof is talking about and even still participate and know what I'm talking about or asking about... Guess it was all that practice in HS.

I See You....

Ok I know really really strange...lol But for some reason I started to think of what colors were in my eyes. And then I got on Wikipedia and looked up stuff on eye-color and it had these pics with the article of eyes really close up and it was really crazy to see how that part of your eye is and all the shapes and colors so I wanted to see the colors up close in my eyes.

The wikipedia said there are three colors which combine to make all the other colors based on how much of what color there is and the shade and then of course a persons eyes can changed based on environment (i.e. clothes, makeup, light...etc.) And though your eyes are usually their natural perment color by age 3 your eye color can still change as an adult ususally because of the sun.

Anyways, I had more bluish eyes when I was younger (yea and i was blonde for quite a while too, maybe that explains some of these moments i tend to have hehe). Well now that I'm older they've seemed more like a blue-green (which although implies its green with a bit of blue, when it comes to eye color apparently its considered a blue...interesting). Well I took these pics to see the different colors in my eyes. The article also says that green eyes are made up of blues and yellows... which I can definitely see in the pics. There was a lot more interesting things but they did not pertain to me hehe...

There is the link to the article I read... Like I said really interesting...

So based on these pics (which aren't the greatest but best I could get with the digi I've got) (and I also didn't take my contacts out so I don't know if that added or removed any glare or anything) but what ya think? heh I know, I've always loved my eyes....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nothingness...(oh, and "The Boss")

My mind is blank... Too much school is on the brain at the moment...Soooo, I leave you with a pic of me from last night/this morning (thus it counts as a pic for today as it was taken after midnight) while I was out with a good friend for her birthday. Have to say, it was definitely nice as her and I hadn't hung out like that in years and it felt like old times... :) Well Enjoy!

Oh, an after thought: I'm sad the Cardinals didn't win only because I like rooting for the underdog when my team isn't in the Super Bowl...Though I didn't really watch it as much this year as I usually do, it wasn't all that exciting. Gave up after "The Boss" and his band played. Wasn't entirely impressed by the halftime show this year, like Springsteen and it was good, but it didn't really seemed pumped up until the last song which of course was "Glory Days" very much enjoyed that one and its presentation... :)