Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nothingness...(oh, and "The Boss")

My mind is blank... Too much school is on the brain at the moment...Soooo, I leave you with a pic of me from last night/this morning (thus it counts as a pic for today as it was taken after midnight) while I was out with a good friend for her birthday. Have to say, it was definitely nice as her and I hadn't hung out like that in years and it felt like old times... :) Well Enjoy!

Oh, an after thought: I'm sad the Cardinals didn't win only because I like rooting for the underdog when my team isn't in the Super Bowl...Though I didn't really watch it as much this year as I usually do, it wasn't all that exciting. Gave up after "The Boss" and his band played. Wasn't entirely impressed by the halftime show this year, like Springsteen and it was good, but it didn't really seemed pumped up until the last song which of course was "Glory Days" very much enjoyed that one and its presentation... :)

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