Monday, July 19, 2010


31 WEEKS... And I hear that at least once a day... I don't usually mind when people I know say things like "Oh you're getting so big" but when complete strangers remark on my size and tell me I'm big for 31 weeks or ask if I'm having twins I was to tell them how rude that is of them. Though a lot of my family has remarked on how good I look for as far along as I am... And as I can still paint my own toe nails and I can still bend over or down to pick things up I think I am doing pretty well lol

In 7 1/2 months I've gained only 15lbs, which according to my Dr I'm just fine. He didn't say I was big... though he did make the comment that the baby "wasn't lacking in the growth dept" lol. So I'm hoping that he really isn't too big, that wouldn't be cool. Also hoping he doesn't have my husbands large head, wouldn't be good... lol

Had my first of three baby showers yesterday, got a lot of clothes for Wrigley, I'm so excited to dress him all up now lol. Speaking of I have had customers also ask me if we know what we are having when I tell them a boy some people act disapointed as if I am disapointed then of course I remark that that's what I was wanting they then act suprized. What's so wrong about a woman wanting a boy? I even had at least one boy doll when I was a kid because I wanted to have a little boy. Of course I do eventually want a girl, but for now I think a boy is great! I've had people ask me why I would want a boy... True you don't have as many cute little clothes, but I've seen soo many cute little boy outfits that I'm good with that, and then I always wanted a big brother so I wanted a boy first for that reason.

The further along I get the more I feel him move and although it's pretty cool at the same time its definitely not comfortable... I've had little body parts in vital organs.. I've had what I'm assuming is his back/butt pressed really hard against my belly while he beats at my back... Everytime I stand up and start to go for a walk I have to pee... I swear my kidneys, bladder, spleen, ect in that area are his personal punching bags/pillows to lay on... He also likes to push back. If I'm reading a book and its sitting on my stomach he's pushing on it, or the dog is on my lap while I pet him he kicks him... Though he does like when I rub my belly or when Sam taps on my belly he'll move for us then, I like to give a light pressure with my fingertips on the body parts he likes to push on my stomach with and he'll move and then move back kinda makes me think of when you're on two different sides of a window and I put my hand on the window and he puts his right on the other side... though that may be just me being crazy lol Who knows.

I'm just ready to meet him, see who he looks like most, figure out his personality, get to actually watch him grow, and play with him as he figures out the world...This is going to be a long 9 weeks...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Been a While...

So I haven't updated on here in quite some time but with everything going on I haven't really found time to do it. But I'm going to start trying to find time and updating more.

Well lets see what's being going on... I got married April 24th, 2010! What an amazing day!
Mostly the day went really well for Sam and me so I was happy. Of course the day can't always be perfect but minus a few mishaps, later remembered things, and of course missed loved ones the day was probably as close as it could get.

Now with all the wedding planning done, and all that stress/fun out of the way we are just waiting... Waiting for our little man to get here sometime in the middle of September. We are both extremely excited to meet our little boy at the end of this summer.

His name is Wrigley Clark and right now his favorite thing to do is beat the crap out of Mommy's organs. The Dr said everything is going good Wrigley is healthy, and seems very happy everytime we listen to his heart (and judging by all the moving he does). Either he doesn't like when things are are on my belly or he finds it fun to push at things on my belly but either way if I cross my arms over my belly or have the computer or a book or something (even a chinchilla) on my belly he kicks at it. He also must know when Daddy has his hand on my belly because he only seems to want to move a whole lot under Sam's hand.  Though a few of my cousins and my mom have gotten a chance to feel him just not as much. I find it fun to watch my belly while he moves I think that's pretty neat and am excited for him to get bigger so I can really see some crazy things lol.

Work hasn't been too bad. Working my way to Assistant Manager and the boss is really proud of me and happy with my progress. As someone who takes pride in their work and tries my hardest to do my best it's been really nice to have my manager tell me how well I'm doing lately expecially since I've been pregnant. I just hope that my maternity leave doesn't hurt my job. Only time will tell.

There's a small update for you. Hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying their summer... I'll keep ya a little more up to date on things here...