Friday, January 30, 2009

But my lips hurt real bad!

So I feel the need to plug my chapstick...hehe I've never been much of a chapstick person... never really cared for that greasy feeling on my lips. Or how sticky my lips would be when I had it on, often just wiping it off shortly after putting it on. There's also that funky taste that some chapsticks have.. So needless to say more often than not I go without anything on my lips thus risking chaped, peeling, bleeding, hard lips... Yuck who wants to kiss that... (not that anyone does I've found a few diff chapsticks I like over time, but none as much as this new chapstick...

It's Nivea "A kiss of Moisture" I love it!! It has no taste to it, if you lick your lips all you feel/taste are your soft lips. Its not greesy or sticky its just smooth... It works immediately and isn't thick. It just makes my lips feel so nice!! So I deffently recommend this to anyone who has issues with chapstick but can no longer stand having dry/chapped lips... Well I'll recommend it to anyone who like chapstick too...hehe

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