Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleeping Beauty?...

To say I have a sleep problem is an understatement... I don't know a word for something worse than that, but what ever it is that's how you would describe my sleep...

<<< This is what I did all day, and by all day I mean for 14hrs. Sound like fun?...Yea...No, I had two classes today and didn't even wake up for those. Though I did happen to shut my alarm off at some point in time. I can't understand how it is that I can be awake for 25-35hrs at a time (without artificial help), sleep for maybe 3hrs, do all that all over again, sometimes multiple times, and then at some point in time I fall asleep and sleep for over 10hrs. I've tried everything but meds and my Dr and I are really hesitant to put me on them since when I do sleep I can sleep for too long on my own anyway.

My sleep habits piss everyone off. They think I do it on purpose. Now who the hell would want to sleep for more than 8hrs when they aren't sick? I just either can't fall asleep, as if my mind won't shut itself off, or don't wake up once I do, as if my deep sleep is a freakin' dark abyss which never ends. People talk to me and I talk back, and never recall getting up in anyway let alone a conversation. Heck, I've had text message conversations in my sleep, now what does that say about the way my brain works... Seems kinda fucked up to me... And then I can lay in bed for hrs and not fall asleep when I'm going through my bouts of insomnia. That is what sucks... Knowing I have to get up in 2hrs and finally falling asleep when I've been up for 20 some hrs. I've tried exercising to wear myself out, that doesn't help, tried reading, knitting/crocheting...I've tried music, no music, warm room, cold room... I get nothing to put me to sleep, but once I am asleep I'm out...I just don't get it. Anyone else have this issue and know how maybe to help me? I really wish I had normal sleep habits, trust me I got shit I want to get done, sleeping all day is not one of them....

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  1. What about dreams, how are those?


    Have you tried putting a humidifier in your bedroom? If my room is too dry, I can't breathe properly and then I can't sleep.