Monday, February 2, 2009

My lids grow heavy....

I love going to the library...I study a little, mess around on the computers a little... Nap some... lol for some reason I just love to nap in the IUSB Library. I know it sounds weird. Napping at school? Trust me there are couches and chairs everywhere on campus and yea some use them as a nice comfortable place to study, read, whatever, but then there are those of us who just can't seem to make it through the day and we are the ones who pop a squat and just sleep lol. And then when its warm you find people on the lawn... There used to be a "Nap Club" where they had a room, and blow up mattresses and someone who would wake you up if you asked them to at a certian time... Don't know what happened to that, but I do know it doesn't bother me to just sleep where ever I can find a spot on campus hehe.

Though Tuesdays and Thrusdays are my hardest times because I have 3 classes back to back so by the time I get to my third class I'm dead tired and add to the fact that my professor is monotone and repetitive in his lectures and well sometimes (ok often) I end up asleep in his class... Yet because its mainly the slide info you want and because he just drones on and changes slides every few min I'm still able to catch all the slides and info I need so I'm still doing really well in that class...hahaaa. I'm strage like that, I can sleep through a class yet know what the prof is talking about and even still participate and know what I'm talking about or asking about... Guess it was all that practice in HS.


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