Friday, June 12, 2009

And here we go 'round

Can't sleep... took a tylenol pm a little over an hr ago and I still can't sleep. Maybe I should have taken 2 like it said, but I didn't want to over sleep. I get my permenant crown in tomorrow, which will be nice. After all that crap I went through to get this root canal (which was not anywhere near the horror that everyone makes them out to be, at least mine wasn't ever have to get one ask me I'll send you to the guy I went to) back to what I was saying... My mouth should finally start feeling more like normal. I still have like 4 more cavities to fill in before the end of summer (and my insurance) though.

I started a new job. I now work at the Payless ShoeSource at University Park Mall, and I really am enjoying it (not to mention my employee discount hehe). So far my summer has been going pretty well I would say.

Three more weeks till my 24th birthday, and I'm starting to see it... and by that I just mean I see everyone around me growing up and am realizing how old I am. I joke about being old, and I know I'm not, but when I see friends kids, cousins, and older relatives growing older it makes me see where I am at. Just an odd feeling is all. And my dog too hes 13/14 and has become clingy, starting to lose his eye sight/hearing/sense of smell, he gets the shakes, and has trouble with stairs and jumping onto furniture. Its going to be hard to let that dog go we've had him for 12 years. He's my Sam-O. (speaking of the devil he just came and layed in my lap. not really a small dog and not been much of a lap dog this is not his normal behavior)

My cousin got married last weekend and that was really nice, most the family was able to be there, and I helped her with keeping things inline lol. I also caught the boquet heehe. Third one in my life, second since turning 21. And the last one was for the other side so I'm just gonna go with I'm the next on both sides of the family to get married hahahaaa.... Yea ok.... Another plus side to that was I got to spend some really kool quality time with a few of my little cousins, one which includes my goddaughter Megan (my youngest cousin who is 2 and in the picture above)... I love hanging out with my little cousins, they just help me to feel like a kid, and those who know me know how much I love to feel like a kid :)

Well I think I should be off to bed, I'm thinking my next post might just be on my new favorite game... hehe...

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