Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Moving on and Moving up...

Sorry it's been so long since I've been on here so I figure I'll give a bit of an update on what's been going on with me, though I only have 4 readers so I'm sure I haven't been too missed. I moved at the beginning of September, I am now a resident of Misawaka, IN and live in the "big city" *said with lil' country accent* lol. I'm working at the mall in Payless and in the time I've worked there since getting hired (almost 5 months) I have gone from part time to full time. Yey me!

So a little more on the move, I live off Grape road so I'm not far from pretty much everything shopping and food wise. Sam and I got the apt together though he's still working in New York till about the middle of November. it's a 3rd floor apt so that pretty much sucks when it comes to groceries, but we don't have to listen to people stomp around above us and we have a fireplace so I think it just about evens itself out lol. I'm still working on getting things in it's place, but hoping to be done with that by the holidays. It's a nice two bedroom apt it has one bath and a utility closet, my bedroom has a second vanity so I can have all my hair, makeup, and what not stuff in the bedroom and not making a mess in the bathroom lol and we have a walk-in closet so that's cool. Been getting used to the whole electric stove top as I've always had a gas one at my parents, but Sam seems to like my cooking so I haven't been doing too bad.

I think the Chinchillas are liking it because they have thier own room and they actually get to get out of their cage and run around the room, Resses is able to go in and out as she pleases while Snickers hasn't figured out how to get back in the cage, but can come out on her own. Sam loves to let the girls out and feed them treats especially when I'm not home. They are just so much fun to watch because they are so curious and love to come to you for treats. :)

Sam and I are doing really well, we've been trying to do a lot of things together when he's home... This past week he was home most the week and we went to my FIRST ND game!! Which was wet and cold, but a great game. We went out with a friend of his one night, we burned our first fire in our fireplace, and I kicked his butt in LIFE another night. Next weekend I'm going out to New York to spend the weekend out there with him and see what he's been doing and he's going to take me to Niagra Falls since I've never been there before (weather permitting).

Well more later I guess I should do something around here.

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