Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let's try this again... With a Healthier Me

Ok so I have decided that while life in general can actually be a boring concept for a blog, if you pick a specific thing to blog about, life, can in fact, be interesting enough for others to read. With this in mind I have decided to narrow down this blog a bit better. Actually I'm going with a whole new concept, and instead of giving it a new title I think the old one still fits.

While most people have New Years Resolutions I tend to be a little more "eh" about them. When I would make them I'd forget about them, or just give up before January was over. This year I have decided while not necessarily making any resolutions I have planned to change somethings, these changes just happen to coincide with the beginning of a new year. I have decided that I'm going to start living a healthier lifestyle. Which means eating better, getting my butt moving more often, and losing the almost 60lbs I put on since being pregnant.

It was brought on by 3 things:
1. Wanting to show my son how to eat right and set a good example for him so that he doesn't fall into the same habits I did as a kid.
2. My mom signing me up with her to do her fitness clubs Biggest Loser Contest
3. Me getting an account on Pintrest

Ok so the first two are obvious. I want my son to be happy and healthy in life and the only way he's going to know how is if I set an example and show him how to do that. The Biggest Loser Contest offers a moderate cash prize at the end if you lose the most weight. When you sign up you get a discount on using the facilities for the 10 weeks the contest is running. And then part of the money goes to charity, so why the heck not. [especially when Mom offers to pay ;)]

By now I'm sure you're thinking, "How did getting a Pintrest account help you with your decision to live healthier?!" For anyone who knows me I am a junk food nut, I have a large sweet tooth, and I grew up on red meat and potatoes and not too much else in my diet, thus I tend to be a picky eater.  When I got on Pintrest I started to see some really healthy and delicious looking recipes. I had realized I was in a rut cooking out of boxes, and only cooking what I know, so, it was all loaded with sodium, carbs, and tons and tons of calories. And while I can cook when given a recipe, I felt it too taxing to try search for recipes that I didn't even know how or what to look for. With Pintrest they were right there in front of me, I could see what they looked like, click the link, and go right to the recipe. It was so easy! I've also found a lot of motivational tools, and workouts I can easily do at home. Ok, I'll admit it's not the only thing I use Pintrest for, and once I get on it I could sit and pin things for hours, but really it's been helping me with my choice to be healthier.

I'm halfway through my second week for the BLC (weigh-ins are on Monday's) and last weigh-in I had lost 3lbs. This week I had started my healthy eating and I'll let you know Monday how much it may have helped.

I'm keeping my past posts on here for sentimental reasons, but this blog will now be about my progress in trying to commit to a healthier lifestyle, all my trials, errors, success, and everything in between.

Edit: Have decided to be visual about my new change to see how it is working out... So for this post here is a before and after, and a hopeful incentive to losing weight

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